SBU evidence of PMC “Wagner” mercenaries’ military crimes are confirmed by militants

Almost a year ago the SBU began public information about results of its investigation on terrorist activities of Russian special service mercenaries from among of so-called PMC “Wagner” in Donbas. The SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak mentioned that “truth about Russian crimes in Ukraine and in the world – this is a horror for top political and military leaders of Russia, cause prisoners’ dock of Nurnberg tribunal is nearer and yet nearer for them and the paranoia and nightmares become more often”. The SBU during this period conducted several special briefings and consistently proved by means of concrete facts, dates, numbers and surnames the bloody way of “Wagner” members in Ukraine, from Luhansk airport in June-August 2014 to battles near Debaltseve in January-February 2015. The next implicit evidence of PNC “Wagner” criminal activities in Ukraine that will be entered into the case file, is the admission of mercenaries, which in details confirm the SBU information. The Russian special services continue to use “Wagner” mercenaries for escalation of combat operations in the east of Ukraine. According to the SBU in the closest time nearly 100 mercenaries from PMC “Wagner” will come to the temporarily occupied Donetsk for the support of the “DNR” terrorist organization. SBU Press-Centre - See more at: