Appeal of the youth of Dnipropetrovsk region concerning Nadia Savchenko

It is not a surprise, that it is we, the youth of Ukraine, who became a driving force for the positive changes. We don’t want and will not stay apart from all the processes, that take place in our country. It is we, who will live in the country, that we are building now, and it is we, who will have to govern the country and will be the politicians of the day of tomorrow. The main function of the state is to protect all of its citizens, regardless of the colour, religion, political views and gender. This constitutional duty of the country is the duty of all of us as well.

Today one of us is in a great trouble. Our compatriot airwoman Nadia Savchenko defended our Motherland and fought against the terrorism. She fought for those values, which we seek to embody in our country: independance, lawful society and respect to human’s dignity. But unfortunatelly her helicopter was shot down by the terrorists and she fell prisoner.

Then something happend, that could not be imagined, guiding by the common sense: at first the young woman was unlawfully transported across the border to Russia, thrown to the detention center in Voronezh (Russian Federation), which contradicts all off the possible international laws and legal standards. The more the worse: for a contrived reasons the young woman was haled into court and accused of the murder of Russian journalists.

Such situation could not have happened in a modern civil society, that lives by the rules of democracy. Only the country, that respects neither human dignity, rights and freedoms nor the law and rule of peacefulness, can act like this.

We want to be heard not only by Ukrainian community, but also by the whole world.

We plead to be heard by all those, who care about the fate of the Ukrainian young woman, who risked her life to defend the Homeland, but was by the twist of a fate kidnapped by the terrorists.

Please, help us to bring Nadia Savchenko back to Ukraine and save her life!

Sincerely yours,

the youth of Dnipropetrovsk region