«Promin Ukraina» is a public association founded in 2016


Association’s major activities are focused on: human rights protection in Ukraine; protection of citizens from government actions which violate rights and freedoms guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of Ukraine; defense of constitutional provisions; advocacy of environmental, economic, cultural, educational rights and interests of citizen and also support of talented youth in their educational, cultural and social projects; assistance for servicemen and their family members etc.

The head of “Promin Ukraina” (Ukrainian Ray of Light) is Dmytro Banakh who is public activist and organizer of international social projects.

The association has four branches in Ukraine: “Promin If” (Ivano-Frankivsk city), “Promin Ternopil” (Ternopil), “Promin Kyiv” (Kyiv) and “Promin Volnovakha” (Volnovakha) which closely cooperate between each other and carry out common projects.

Among association’s partners and co-organizers of social, cultural, educational projects are initiatives from different parts of Ukraine as well as from overseas. They are NGO “Svitove ukrainstvo” (Ukrainians of the world), Public Union “World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations”, NGO  “Merimna Zois” (Caring for life), Association of Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece “Ukrainian – Hellenic Thought”, Charity Fund “Hromada mista Dolyna” (Citizen of Dolyna city), Public Association of youth with disabilities “Harmonia”, “Etalon”, ТМ “Koukouzavryky”, three regional administrations of Donetsk oblast (Volnovakha, Mangush and Nikopolsk) to name a few.

Major projects and activities of Association along with its branches and partners are: painting competition “World by children”; social projects “Professional parenting”; Forum of young Ukrainians in Diaspora “Vinnitsa 2016”; camping in Carpathian mountains for the children of military servicemen “Promin ditinstva”; child and youth ethnic competitions and festivals ; international social projects “Diti prosiat miru” (Children ask for peace), “Dopomoha UA”, “Ditiachi Mrii Zbuvajustsia” (Child dreams come true); recognition of records in category of mass events in Ukraine and promotion of Ukraine in the world; collection and transportation of humanitarian aid to the servicemen, their families and to the children in war zone.

Our public association is always open to cooperation and partnership with other public associations, NGOs, unions, charity funds, Ukraine friendly institutions and organizations.

Our projects:

International social project “Dity prosiat myru” (Children ask for peace) – http://promin-ua.org/proekt3

Painting competition “World by children” (Myr ochyma ditej) – http://promin-ua.org/proekt4

Competition of Ukrainian flower crowns – http://promin-ua.org/proekt1

Educational project “Abetka – Rozmaliovka” (Colorful Alphabet)- http://promin-ua.org/proekt6

Social project “Professional parenting” (Professia batky)- http://promin-ua.org/proekt5

National cuisines – http://promin-ua.org/proekt2

Camping in Carpathian mountains for the children “Promin dytynstva” (Ray of childhood) – http://promin-ua.org/news/item/79-hrupaditeizdonbasuprovelynezabutniidenvyaremche, http://promin-ua.org/news/item/75-nazaproshenniadmytrabanakhadokarpatpryikhalavidpochyvatycherhovahrupaditeizdonbasu, http://promin-ua.org/news/item/72-uzhe9tahrupamaliukivvidpravylasnavidpochynokdouhorshchyny

The project is represented in Georgia

The project is represented in Moldova

Coordinator of the project – Anna Krysyuk

Tel. +38 097 318-34- 79, e-mail: anjainfo27@gmail.com, skype: anja-info