“Ukraine in the News” with Tania Stech for 6 August 2016 (En)

In this episode — a general overview of the recent pilgrimages of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine; and a look at the state of the Crimea’s autonomy status.

From Kontakt TV program #2449 originally aired on OMNI TV (Canada) on 6 August 2016.

Welcome to the KONTAKT Ukrainian Television Network. Produced by Jurij Klufas and hosted by Marta Czurylowicz, the program is based in Toronto, Canada and is televised in several cities in North America and Ukraine. It is a weekly one-hour show that covers news, culture, politics and other topics relevant to the Ukrainian community. It is broadcast in a combination of two languages, English and Ukrainian.

This segment is “Ukraine in the News” with Tania Stech for 6 August 2016. Producer: Tania Stech. Videographer: Andrij Rawlyk. Editors: Tania Stech and Andrij Rawlyk.

“Ukraine in the News” з Танею Стех на 6 серпня 2016. Продюсер: Таня Стех. Камера: Андрій Равлик. Монтаж: Таня Стех і Андрій Равлик.